Please download a copy of our College Prospectus here.
Or request one from the College on +61 8 9593 1211 (international) OR (08) 9593 1211 (within Australia)


There are limited places available in most year levels. Enrolment availability is constantly fluctuating so, for accurate and specific information about a year level please contact the College Registrar on (08) 9593 1211 (within Australia) and +61 8 9593 1211 (International).

The College recommends that children are placed on waiting lists even in those grades that are currently full. Please refer to ‘How to Enrol’ below for instruction on how to do this. Please call for the latest availability of places.

Warnbro Junior School (Kindy to Year 5)

Warnbro Middle School  (Yrs 6 – 9)

Warnbro Senior School (Yrs 10 – 12)


Parents wishing to enrol their child into Living Waters or place them on a waiting list should request and complete the Enrolment form and return it to the College. A $50.00 non-refundable application fee per family is required at lodgement of the application form. Following processing of the application form, an interview will be arranged when a place becomes available.


  1. Fax: After printing the above Enrolment form fill out your details and fax to:
  2. Warnbro campus - (08) 9593 6010 (within Australia) or +61 8 9593 6010 (International)
  3. Halls Head campus - (08) 9534 7355 (within Australia) or +61 8 9534 7355 (International)
  4. Payment can then be made over the phone to the College.
  5. In Person: You can come in to either of our Campuses and fill out an application form any time between the hours of 8am and 4pm weekdays during term time:
  6. Warnbro Campus- Corner Currie St and Swallowtail Parade, Warnbro
  7. Halls Head Campus- Corner Karon Vista and Waxflower Vista, Halls Head


  • Mail: Mail a cheque for $50 payable to Living Waters Lutheran College to the appropriate campus. *Please enclose a note stating that the payment is an application fee and include the student/s family name/s. For our campus postal addresses please go to Contact Us.
  • Fax: Once you have faxed through your application form call the appropriate campus  and organise a credit card phone payment.
  • Direct Debit:  You can choose to have an amount debited from your nominated account. Just fill out a Direct Debit Request Form and return to us.
  • Internet:  You can choose to make an internet banking payment directly to the College*. The College's bank details are:

BSB 036-306
Account 462931

*Please note, if you are making an internet payment please ensure you put the family name and 'applic' in the description box


Updated 23 June 2010

The procedure that the College follows in enrolling new students is as follows:

STEP 1. Upon request, a prospectus will be given or sent out to each family who wishes to apply for a position in the College (as well as any who may be enquiring). In this package is an Application for Enrolment form for each child being enrolled. Other informative documents enclosed include Fees and Charges, Uniform Costs and Introduction to the Lutheran Church.

STEP 2. When completed, the Application for Enrolment form is lodged with the College Registrar, with the application fee (one fee per family payable on enrolment of the first student) and any documentation requested (documents required are listed on the Application for Enrolment). Consideration will only be given to the enrolment of the student following the provision of the required documents. The non-refundable application fee (currently $50.00) covers the costs associated with processing the Application for Enrolment (i.e. postage, phone calls, staff time and other sundry items). The application fee is only applicable when enrolling the first child from a family;

STEP 3. Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are expected to complete the Application for Enrolment including all information necessary for the College to understand the needs of the student being enrolled. This includes making full declaration of all infectious diseases, medical conditions, learning needs and disabilities which might impact on the College’s ability to provide adequate educational services for the student or other students, or which might require special services or facilities. The College will comply with anti-discrimination legislation in implementing its enrolment policy;

STEP 4. On receipt of the completed Application for Enrolment, the Registrar will enter the student's name and year level into the College’s database for the year of enrolment applied for. (It should be noted that lodging an Application for Enrolment form and the payment of the application fee does not guarantee acceptance into the College);

STEP 5. Prior to enrolment being offered, parent(s) and/or guardian(s), along with the prospective student are expected to attend an interview with the Principal and/or the appropriate Head of School. Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) will be contacted by the Registrar to arrange a mutually agreeable interview time. Part of this process may occur in a group information session where pertinent information is shared by the College Leadership Staff, tours are conducted and interviews arranged (this is most likely to occur when entry is sought for the larger intake groups i.e. Kindergarten, Year 6 and Year 8 at the Warnbro Campus);

STEP 6. The College Principal (and appropriate Head of School at the Warnbro campus) will assess the application through the interview process and decide whether to make an offer of enrolment. Financial or other issues will be identified and may need to be resolved before a recommendation can be made by the Principal. At the interview the Principal shall ensure parent(s) and/or guardian(s) receive all information appropriate to enrolling in the College (which may include appropriate sub-school/s Parent Handbooks, College Guide, current Fees and Charges booklet, booklist prices (if available), uniform pricelists, informative pamphlets regarding the Lutheran Church of Australia and Lutheran Education Australia).

STEP 7. Parents are expected to inform the Principal of any outstanding Court Order restrictions in relation to custody or access of the student during this interview process and provide any relevant documentation;

STEP 8. After the interview, and if a place is offered, all the appropriate paperwork must be completed by
the parent(s) and/or guardian(s), This will include the following forms;

  • Application for Enrolment
  • Book Bond Agreement,
  • Enrolment Acceptance/Payment of Family Enrolment Bond (payable on enrolment of the first student of a family),
  • Data Collection (MCEETYA),
  • Transfer of Student Information;

STEP 9. The Enrolment Bond is required to be paid (one per family). Currently the Enrolment Bond is $500 but the amount will be reviewed as necessary by the College Board. The enrolment contract shall not be regarded as binding until such time as the Enrolment Bond has been paid. A per student Book Bond (for year 6-12 students) is also to be paid at this time.

The Enrolment Bond is currently refunded when the last student of the family leaves the College, providing no money or property is owing to the College at that time and all other conditions have been met (for example, the requirement of one term’s notice in writing being given). Please note however that the Enrolment Bond will not be refunded if the offer of a place is accepted but later withdrawn before the student commences at the College. The bond will instead be retained to offset the costs associated with enrolling the student;

STEP 10. The Enrolment Agreement is legally binding and can only be terminated by the withdrawal of the student(s) from the College in accordance with College policy. The Application for Enrolment contains an Agreement to accept the policies and procedures of the College. The College reserves the right to terminate the enrolment when the disclosure of a student’s needs has not been provided or if there is a serious or persistent breach of the College’s Behaviour Policy on the part of the student. Specific College polices are available in the College diary or on request. Where significant changes are made to policies and procedures, these will be conveyed to parents in writing through the fortnightly newsletter or via special mailing;

STEP 11. Once steps 1-10 have been completed, a place for the applicable year level becomes available and the relevant calendar year commences (i.e. at 1 January of that year or another applicable date), the student will be rolled into the College’s student database and will be considered an enrolled student of the College.

STEP 12. This enrolment policy should be read in conjunction with the Agreement especially in regards to the clauses that deal with the payment of school fees and conditions regarding the withdrawal of students from the College.

There will be a departure from the above procedure when the student being enrolled is a student external to the College who has been offered a scholarship.

Please see the document Enrolment Policy and Procedures for further information.